New Exhibit Commemorates the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War

The Concord Museum is pleased to announce the opening of its newest exhibit, Coming Home/Moving Forward: The End of the Civil War, Reconstruction, and its Impact: 1865-Present.

Coming Home/Moving Forward commemorates the 150th Anniversary of the conclusion of the American Civil War. Using Reconstruction as a focal point, this exhibit invites visitors to explore new conflicts faced by the United States as soldiers returned home and the reunited nation moved forward.

The exhibit showcases artifacts brought home with Cabarrus County soldiers, including a star from General Robert E. Lee’s battle flag that was presented to Corporal Isaac Newton Pharr by Lee himself. On loan to the museum is Mr. Joe Benkendorf’s personal collection of Union and Confederate buttons, bullets, and various artifacts from battlefields across the Southeast.

Political cartoons and newspaper headlines underscore the impact of the war on African Americans and show the steps, both positive and negative, that the nation took towards reconciliation and restoration. Particular focus is paid to the formation of Scotia Seminary in Concord and its importance for the education of young African American women in the South following the war.

The Concord Museum invites you to join us as we look back on the war that changed the face of a nation and consider how far we’ve moved forward in the past 150 years.

The exhibit will be on display at The Concord Museum through December 23rd, 2015.