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WWI Exhibit coming to the Concord Museum

Coming Soon to the Concord Museum and The Cabarrus County Veterans Museum

“Over There and Back Home:

Cabarrus County and the War to End All Wars”

Opening on February 20th, 2018

World War I was known by many names, the First World War, the Great War, and the War to End All Wars. The Great War began in Europe in 1914 and escalated on a global scale, with battles being fought in Europe, Africa, and Asia. An estimated 70 million military personnel were involved in the war and over 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians lost their lives, making WWI one of the deadliest conflicts in history.

The United States, under the leadership of President Woodrow Wilson, maintained neutrality from the escalating war overseas. The U.S. did not enter the war officially until April of 1917. The decision to join the war effort came after Germany declared unrestricted submarine warfare, targeting U.S. merchant ships, and after a particularly alarming telegram was sent to Mexico inviting the nation to join Germany in fighting against the neutral United States. 2.8 million American men were drafted and by the summer of 1918 approximately 10,000 American troops were being shipped to France each day, providing fresh soldiers for the European stage.

Cabarrus County provided almost 1,000 men and women to serve in the Great War. This exhibit will tell their story and the story of the families they left behind in Cabarrus County to protect the Home Front 100 years ago.

Photograph of James B. Cannon, son of Charles Lee Cannon and Minerva Sarah Alexander Cannon of Poplar Tent Road. HCA Collections – WWI Photos.

Volunteer Recruitment Drive

Historic Cabarrus Association, Inc. is looking for a few good volunteers!

Summer is coming up faster than you think and The Concord Museum is expecting large numbers of visitors to be coming to downtown Concord.

Docents/Volunteers of Historic Cabarrus Association will greet visitors, keep a daily visitor count, and be responsible for handling sales at the Museum Store. The environment at the museum is relaxed and fun! We have rotating exhibits three times a year, which gives volunteers an opportunity to learn about the varied history of Cabarrus County and its many communities.

The Concord Museum is located inside the Historic Cabarrus County Courthouse and shares space with the Cabarrus Arts Council, which also has wonderful rotating exhibitions on display. The museum is open 10-4 Tuesday through Friday, and volunteers can sign up for 3 hour blocks one or two days a week depending on their schedule. Weekly volunteer schedules will be flexible and can be changed with advanced notice.

If you love history and have a passion for the communities in Cabarrus County this is a wonderful opportunity for you! Please contact Ashley Sedlak-Propst for more information: 704-920-2465 or