Historic Properties of Interest Inventory

In 2015 Historic Cabarrus Association launched a new project to identify and locate historic properties in Cabarrus County. This list includes properties that are:

  • Abandoned
  • Need basic repairs for weather protection, security, or stabilization
  • Are representative of a vanished or vanishing way of life
  • Are threatened by redevelopment
  • Are unique to Cabarrus County

Properties identified by the Preservation Committee include:

  • John Fink House, ca. 1850
  • Stonewall Jackson Training School Campus, 1909-1930
  • Alexander Foil House
  • Brown Mill water tower
  • 2nd Julius Shakespeare Harris House, ca. 1923
  • Frank Logan House
  • Friendship House
  • Graves Hall, Barber Scotia Campus
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church
  • Chock Ross’ country store
  • Dr. H.W. Barrier House
  • Camp Cabarrus
  • Boxwood Manor
  • Furrlee estate
  • Moss-Morris House