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History or Hoax? The Mecklenburg Declaration on Trial

Now Open!

A history mystery!

The Mecklenburg Declaration is one of the most divisive documents in North Carolina history. No original evidence of the paper survives which shrouds the document in more mystery. Even Thomas Jefferson and John Adams argued over the document, with Jefferson famously calling the it “spurious”. Jefferson argued that if the document had been published in 1775 as its proponents claimed it was, then why wasn’t North Carolina considered one of the forerunners of Independence in the colonies? He responded to John Adams,

“Would not every advocate of independence have rung the glories of Mecklenburg county, in North Carolina…Yet the example of independent Mecklenburg county, in North Carolina, was never once quoted.”

The Concord Museum will present both sides of the argument and shed more light on the history and mystery surrounding the Mecklenburg Declaration. Take a look at the evidence and decide for yourself which side you’re on!

History or Hoax? The Mecklenburg Declaration on Trial opens at the Concord Museum on Thursday, February 14th and will be on display through July 26, 2019.

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